Wednesday, September 14, 2016

First Work Weekend

With our home on the market and several showings scheduled, we got it ready and then left for the day both Saturday and Sunday this past weekend.  Saturday, we drove to Hubby's brother's house so we could borrow his water tanks, and then we bought an eight foot galvanized stock tank to put on the land.

One of the requirements of our lease is to keep it in agricultural use for the ag exemption - not that having a stock tank means we will not have cattle on it any time soon.

Sunday, we took the tank out there and set it up near a thicket of flameleaf sumac where we think we want to build the barn.  Hubby cleared some brush and grass and then we started filling the stock tank from the water tanks.  Very slowly.  Next time we fill the tank, we are going to take a pump.

While the second tank drained into the stock tank, we went to the road and tried to clear some of the brush to make driving in easier, and to make it easier for the county to approve our culvert.  Then Hubby pointed out some string on the ground and asked me to pull it in so it wouldn't get wound up in mower blades.  I found that the string was connected to wire for an electric fence.  We had wondered how they kept cattle in here before.  Now we know.

The wire was connected to something near the creek so I started walking toward it, pulling the wire up from the ground as I went.  The closer I got to the creek, the taller the weeds.  When the grass and false purple thistle reached my chin, and something rustled in the grass near my foot, I turned tail and headed back to safety.  Those false purple thistle have to go.  They may be kind of pretty, but they sting!  Meanwhile, Hubby found the end of the electric fence from the road side, cut it and we started winding it up.

That job completed, we contemplated going back to the stock tank and climbing in it.  It was hot and humid Sunday!

Before we left, I took two pictures from the best building site.  Our front view:

And our back view:

I know.  They look just about the same.

When we got home, we found that we had another offer on the house.  We had gotten one Saturday also.

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