Friday, November 18, 2016

Finally Closed!

We were supposed to close on November 3 or 4, but the surveyor didn't mark one corner.  Once it was marked, Hubby's suspicion that the neighbor's fence was on our side was confirmed.  The neighbor had missed the property line by 35 feet on one end and 50 feet on the other end.  And to compound the problem, he was building a metal barn beside the fence, and had also started digging a pond.  Luckily, the barn and pond were all on his side.  But just barely.

The guy was very apologetic and promised to move his fence immediately.  That was the first week of November.   He started moving it, but as of last weekend, he still hadn't done the part that was supposed to go through the trees (and poison ivy).  So yesterday, Hubby moved the fence and I planted trees next to it.   Today, after closing, we went out to water the trees in a howling wind and found that the siding was coming off the neighbor's barn.  Evidently, he missed putting all the screws in and the siding flapped in the wind until it eventually ripped them off.  Luckily, the siding didn't take down the fence or any of our new trees.

Grow trees, grow!

Friday, November 11, 2016

Prep Work

This week, Hubby found someone else to mow since the first guy doesn't seem to be in any hurry.  There had been a big plum thicket across much of the front and he mowed that down.  Bummer.  The neighbor said the plums were really good and I wanted to keep those.  The stumps still have a little green on them, so maybe they'll grow back.

We also had a culvert put in today.  Yay!  It will be so much easier to drive onto the place now.

I wish we could put the driveway in next, but the ditching for the electric and water needs to be done next.