Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Digging for Water

Not a well.  Just a trench, but that was bad enough.

Part of our deal with the sellers of this land is that they provide the water meter.  It was supposed to be done before closing, but the water co-op decided they needed to do a study of the area before doing any more meters, so that not only delayed closing, but it delayed the installation of the meter also.  And, like everything else, it required a few trips to the water co-op department and a lot of paperwork.  Finally, the week before Christmas, we had a meter.

Since Hubby had time off between Christmas and New Year's, he rented a backhoe and trailer, and spent the day trenching for the water line.  He opted for a 1-1/2 inch continuous line instead of pvc pipe so there will be less connections and less chances of leaks.  He installed a frost proof yard hydrant, so we have water during construction.

He also trenched a line for his radio antenna wiring, which meant he had to decide on a permanent location for his tower.

Clouds were building during the day and he finished about an hour before the rental place closed, so he dropped the water line into the trench and then decided to return the backhoe early rather than risk getting it stuck in the mud the next day.  As it turned out, there was very little rain, and the next day, he was able to finish it up and a neighbor covered the ditch with his tractor.