Monday, September 19, 2016

City Slickers

After weeks of trying to get someone out to mow the grass weeds, we gave up and took our riding lawnmower out there.  The nearest neighbors drove slowly down their fence line to see what we were doing.  I'm sure they were laughing as I drove through grass taller than the mower and Hubby disappeared into a plum thicket with his super trimmer.  But we got the probable barn spot mowed, the culvert spot, and a driveway from the culvert to the barn.  Hubby measured and it was 950 feet from the road to the barn.  We may have to compromise location once we get an estimate for running the electric line from the road to the barn.

This is a neighbor building his cattle barn.  We won't be facing that direction though.

This is our front view from somewhere near the living room.

This is our back view.  And that is me pointing my INDEX finger at Hubby, telling him not to take my picture.  But he did anyway.  He never listens to me.

I came home covered in dirt and grass, and Hubby came home covered with poison ivy.  I only thought we were giving up the hard work and maintenance of a house for an easy life in the country.