Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Plumbing Rough-In... Done!

When we left last night, the pad site of select fill was nice and smooth, but it didn't last long.  This is after the plumber left today.  I guess they'll have to spend some time smoothing it out again before they put down the vapor barrier on the rest of the site.  The termite pretreatment was also sprayed on today.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Lots of Progress Today

The ditcher was fixed, ditching done, and forms have been set.  The plumber comes tomorrow.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Down Time

After the last two loads of sand were delivered today, they were going to start ditching and setting forms.  But their ditcher wouldn't cooperate and they spent most of the day standing around watching as the boss and a mechanic tried to get it going.

Hubby and I agreed that if his father had been the boss here, he would have told the crew to grab a shovel and start digging. lol

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cushion Sand, Really It's Select Fill

When I arrived at 4:30 this afternoon, there were thirteen semi loads of cushion sand on the pad site, and they were dumping the fourteenth.

Two more loads tomorrow and they will begin trenching and setting forms.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Electric Line Ditch is Next

Oncor has pretty strict guidelines for the ditch their lines go into, four feet deep, two feet wide, and with a certain amount of fill.  Nothing we could rent would go that deep, so we contracted out that job.  The guy who did our culvert was going to do it today.  He has a machine like a large bobcat, and he rented a part to do the ditching, but right after he started, he hit rock, blew a hydraulic hose on the part, and covered his machine with hydraulic fluid.  Needless to say, nothing got done today.

After hitting rock, he decided he needs something with a bigger bite.

We didn't get any fill sand delivered today either.  It's still too wet at their digging site.

In the meantime, we are picking colors, windows, and tweaking our plan.

For the siding, we are going with a light gray, polar white trim, and galvalume roof.  The windows are white though, so if the trim width is very wide around them, we may have to switch to a charcoal gray or blue.  

Here is the rough layout of the floor plan we've drawn:

Monday, January 23, 2017


It is finally happening!  I can't believe the amount of paperwork and permits that have to be done to build these days.  And we aren't even inside the city.  I imagine they would require twice what we've already done.  We've still got to get another survey done for the electric company, but it is not delaying us.

Today, the crew arrived to level the pad site.  Fill dirt or sand was supposed to be delivered today but it rained Saturday and they can't get to their sand.  Maybe tomorrow.  Because we have black clay, they scraped off about ten inches of topsoil and will fill with select fill, which when firmly packed will not have as much movement as the clay during rain and drought.

This morning:

And then at 5pm: