Saturday, February 18, 2017

Framing Complete!

Friday, they put on the porch roofs, framed out the opening for the cupola, and finished the windows.

They also brought out the cupola they built in their shop.  It won't be installed until after the roof panels are up.  We can't wait to see it up and couldn't resist seeing how much room there is in it.

Today, they installed wood framing inside the metal window openings for the windows.  A lot of barndominiums are built with the windows attached directly to the metal frame, and our builder said he used to do it that way.  But he found that installing a wood frame not only helps prevent temperature transfer which is hard on windows, but also makes makes it easier to attach sheetrock or trim.

They also wrapped the steel door openings with metal trim and installed the one walk through door.  The siding has been delivered; that's it on the ground in front of the building.  Doesn't look like there is much there.  As soon as the windows are installed, they will begin installing the roofing and siding.  The windows were supposed to be in a week ago, but when Hubby checked on them, the lumber yard hadn't even ordered them.  It hasn't been a problem, though the crew generally likes to have them on site before they start framing the windows.  But they'd better be delivered Monday as promised.

Our job at this point is just to clean up trash after the crew leaves, and today I swept out all the dirt brought in by their machines since it's supposed to rain again Sunday.  The crew is probably used to walking around on clods of dirt, but mud is slippery and might slow them down.  Besides, the pictures look better without all that dirt. 😁

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