Monday, February 13, 2017

Rafters On

The barndominium is easily visible from the road now and a lot of people are driving by to take a look.  It's always fun to watch something new being built.

We met with the GM this afternoon to go over placement of windows and cupola.  Then he got into the lift to show the crew how he wanted the cupola done.

A couple of hours later, they had one section with windows frames installed.

I think the hardest part of planning this barndominium was designing something we had never been in before.  Pinterest is great, but is nothing like a walk-through of an actual building.

But last week while visiting with my cousin, we learned that he was building one also.  So we finally got to go inside one and see some of the components unique to metal buildings.

Metal buildings can be built either by being bolted together or being welded together.  My cousin in an engineer and he ran the numbers and determined that a bolt up used heavier steel and could take a heavier load and that is why they went with bolt-up.  Later, I talked to a friend of my mother-in-law, who had also built a barndominium, and she told me to be sure we went with welded because bolt-ups can loosen over time.

All good advice, but too late for us as we had already decided to go with a company who welded.  We went with them because of their bid and responsiveness.  Not a very scientific way to make a decision, but out of a list of erectors who picked up our plans, only two gave us bids.  The other bids we got were from companies who wanted to do the entire building, from start to finish, and their prices were unbelievably high.   Both bids for just the barn shell did weld-up and one of them said weld-up was better because adjustments and changes could be made on-site where bolt-ups were pre-drilled before being delivered and changes were difficult.  So if anyone asks, we'll say that after careful consideration, that is the reason we chose welded construction.  Sounds good to me.

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