Thursday, March 30, 2017

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

This, of course, is the ugly.

Tuesday night, a storm came through and blew out this door.  The other one doesn't look great, but it still works.

We had noticed that the doors billowed quite a big when the wind blew.  Hubby braced the south door because it looked like it was about to come out of its tracks.  Last Friday, the builder was out looking at the walk-through door that the insulation guys ran into (yes, this is our week for problems), and he said something about the brace and then he noticed that the doors didn't have wind locks and said they should have them.  Before we started building, he had told Hubby they would have the wind locks.  But they don't.  The brace kept the south door from blowing in, but there was enough wind getting through that it got the north door.

The builder called the door company and they are replacing this door and will come look at the south door to see if it has to be replaced too.  It still rolls up, but it is bowed.

Now for the bad.  We ordered two pocket doors and after getting them here, we found that they weren't going to work at all.  Now we have to order two smaller ones and either return these or use them somewhere else.

Saving the good for last, we finally got approval from Oncor on the ditches, the pull box and the conduit.  Now if we could just get Oncor to move a little faster than they have been, we could have electricity by the time we are finished with the inside of the barndominium.


  1. That must have been some mighty wind! We've had some stormy weather here the last month or so, and luckily both our garage and house held up to the 100km/h winds.

    I hope you get all your door problems sorted out quickly and smoothly.

    1. It wasn't that bad, 25-35 mph. These doors should stand up to much higher winds.