Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Siding and Windows Going Up

It looks like they are putting the windows in when they do the siding around it.

They also wrapped the bottom flashing around the corner post after the first side was finished.  At the bottom, the siding is screwed through the flashing and bottom steel angle.

By the end of the day today, they had siding on all four walls.  The above siding is plain galvanized and will be behind the brick wainscoting.

Under the lower windows is a larger piece of flashing called a window pan. Not what I expected a pan to look like.

Here it is from the side.

There weren't any of these pans under the upper windows though. I asked one of the crew and he said there would be something on the outside for those.

It rained Sunday night and into Monday morning, so no work was done Monday.  Yesterday, the concrete guy (Richard), came out to cut out the two areas where the rebar was at the surface of the slab.  They drilled into the sides of the good concrete, inserted rebar and tied it all together, added more vapor barrier, and mixed concrete on site for those spaces.  I think they must have poured the darker one today.  It still looked pretty wet.

At the end of the day, after I had picked up trash and was calling it a day, a couple drove up and asked about the build.  They were looking at a nearby lot, wanted to build a barndominium, but had never been in one.  So I asked if they wanted to see it and they were tickled to get to see the construction.  Since we never got to see one before we started and couldn't really understand how some of it was done, I was glad to stay awhile and answer what questions I could.