Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Watching Grass Fires Behind Us

There isn't any building going on right now.  We're in a holding pattern, partly because of high winds and partly waiting for orders to come in.  But without lots of work vehicles on site, the neighbors have started coming over to meet us and see what is going on with the build.  And today, small fires have been popping up upwind from us.

Yesterday, a neighbor came over and said he just wanted to touch us so some of our luck would rub off on him.  I guess I must have given him a questioning look because he said he and his wife have been watching from afar (and we have seen them drive by a lot), and can't believe that we haven't had big rain, equipment, or material delays, and all without a paved driveway.   I guess that is, or was, true.  We thought of paving the driveway before we started, but figured all the big trucks would tear it up and we'd just have to have it done again, so we gambled that the trucks could make it through even with a little rain.

We did have a couple of rain days, but the rutted road dried out quickly, and until the garage doors didn't come in on time, we haven't had any material delays.  We've had such a mild winter that it's been more like spring than winter - spring without rain, but with plenty of wind which the tv weather people call breezy.  Breezy in town is downright windy in the middle of a hay field.

Like most spring weather, one day is hot and then a cold front blows in from the north and we have a couple of cool days before it warms again.  Yesterday was one of those warm days, with temperature around 80F.  Last night a norther blew in cold wind and today was in the lower 60s.

Hubby went out to meet the foam insulation installer today, and saw a plume of smoke from the highway.  You know how you see smoke in the distance and hope it isn't anywhere near your house.  Well, the closer he got to our build, the closer the smoke looked and when he got to our place, the fire was north of our place and moving this direction.  At one point, the smoke was too thick to see a house down the road.  Then it cleared, and the cloud of smoke thinned into whispers.  But a few minutes later, another plume appeared somewhere else.  It burned awhile and then it too disappeared.  This happened all afternoon.  When I got there, another smoke funnel was north of us, but by the time we left, it was almost gone.  I turned to look back when I reached the highway, and another black cloud was rising from the ground.

I guess we'll know tomorrow if we are as lucky as the neighbor thinks we are.