Sunday, April 23, 2017

The Big, Heavy Walls are Up

Still no power, so things are moving exceedingly slow.  We can use one piece of equipment at a time on our generator, but not the table saw.  As Hubby put it, the table saw will knock it down and stomp all the life out of it.  So we continue building slowly.

Last Saturday, his brother came out to help again, and they got the long wall up.  It is a six inch wall with one big header and a smaller one, so it was really heavy.  I helped lift a little but mainly I held it steady while they did all the hard work.  Later, when they put up all the ceiling joists, I held things and took the air hammer from one to the other.

Courtesy of Lonnie

On Sunday, we were beat, but Hubby and I managed to build and stand one window wall where the kitchen will be.  We also began blocking the ceiling joists that he and his brother put up Saturday.

According to our Oncor rep, we should have power by Tuesday.  Finally.