Monday, May 1, 2017

We Have Electricity! Finally, Finally, Finally!

I was gone when Hubby pulled into the driveway and saw electric lines coming out of the meter box.  So someone from Oncor had been out to pull lines from the transformer to it.  We weren't sure who was to put in the actual meter, so he called TXU to find out and put in a request if needed.  An hour later I got home and was on the phone to a friend when I saw a truck coming down the driveway and he stopped at the transformer.  I may have shouted in her ear that I thought it was someone to put in the meter as I clicked off the phone.  (Sorry Debbie.)

Sure enough, it was a contractor for TXU here to install the meter.  He opened the meter box and said, uh oh, these wires were installed wrong by the electrician.  They are supposed to be in the bottom of the box, not the top.  Worried, I asked if that meant he couldn't put in the meter.  He said he couldn't touch the wiring because of liability.  Before he could leave, Hubby jumped in and said he would do it, and with the electric guy advising, they got it done.  Within minutes, the meter was on and we had electricity.  Beautiful, shiny, humming electricity.

We 💕 Electricity

I'm sure this guy thinks we have completely lost our marbles because we were both so excited to see him.  At one point, he looked over at us and said, "it's just electricity."   I wanted to correct him and say no,  it's not having to get up and refill the generator in the middle of the night, it's being able to stay up past dark, it's being able to turn on more than one light at a time,  and it's being able to watch tv at night without worrying about the generator.  But we just laughed and let him think we were looney.

And then we texted everyone who had been commiserating with us, and a special  thank you text to Jason who made this happen.